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wood soap dishes and custom shave brushes

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Woodchuck Wood Soap Dishes

Designed by an engineer, our wood soap dishes are created to last, look great and to keep your soap from getting soggy.

Every board we use is hand selected and chosen for its durability and natural ability to resist water and decay. They're a wonderful compliment to any artisan soap and will far outlast soap dishes made from less expensive softwood materials like pine. 

Why are Woodchuck wood soap dishes better? Click below to find out more!

Woodchuck Shave Brushes + Knots

A shave brush is an expression of the person using it. All of our handles are turned by hand in the Woodchuck shop and are very customizable. Choose from hardwoods like Hard Maple, Cherry, Zebrawood from Africa, Leopardwood from Brazil or an acrylic handle colored to your request (pictures help).

Select the handle shape from our list and let us know what size, shape and kind of knot to use - Badger Silvertip or Synthetic. We don't believe in using cheap knots so you won't find any here.

If you're not 100% sure what you're looking for, let us help walk you through our process. Use the CONTACT US form below to get started!

Wholesale + Retail

We want to be your wholesale business partner! We understand the value of branding and the passion it takes to create a business. It's our goal to compliment your business with unequalled quality and custom options.


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